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To make Max Hauling Ltd. the premier provider of integrated transportation solutions.


We provide a diverse portfolio of services. Contact our rates department for a customized quote that meet your needs.


  • We believe in putting the customer first and focus on providing optimum quality with exceptional customer service.

Welcome to Max Hauling Ltd. !

Max Hauling Ltd. is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and also have terminal in Saskatoon. We are dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of transportation solutions to meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving customer base. We are driven to maintain our leadership role through time-tested services, technology and processes.  Our entrepreneurial culture and values enables us to expand reliable services while keeping our commitments to public safety, social responsibility and financial stability.

At Max Hauling Ltd., customer service is our main focus. We understand the importance of identifying and responding to each customer's unique needs. Our objective is delivering the freight entrusted to us on-time and safely.

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