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Who We Are

Max Hauling Ltd. is dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of transportation solutions to meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving customer base. We are driven to maintain our leadership role through time-tested services, technology and processes.  Our entrepreneurial culture and values enable us to expand reliable services while keeping our commitments to public safety, social responsibility and financial stability.

Max Hauling Ltd. is focused on providing high quality transportation services to a growing list of satisfied, prestigious customers. Experience, integrity and a solid track record have earned Max Hauling Ltd. a reputation as one of the leading companies specializing in temperature-controlled transportation products.

Max Hauling Ltd. brings together industry experience, state of the art equipment and technology, and good people with a vision to be the best, to serve the truckload transportation needs of the top shippers in America. Our services improve the daily lives of people by moving goods and supplies to where they are needed, to the super-market shelves, to the manufacturing production lines, to the home-improvement stores in our communities.

We value our professional truck drivers and their safety. Our emphasis is on providing opportunities for drivers to take charge of their lives. We hire qualified individuals with no previous driving experience, as well as experienced drivers, and graduates from other truck driving schools.

At Max Hauling Ltd., customer service is our main focus. We understand the importance of identifying and responding to each customer's unique needs. Our objective is delivering the freight entrusted to us on-time and safely.

As Max Hauling Ltd. grows, so do opportunities for non-driver employees. We are continually seeking experienced, career-minded professionals who are committed to providing high level service to our customers, drivers and independent contractors.

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Why Choose Us


We deliver Quality & Service
We know what it means to you and your business that you can deliver as agreed with your customers and that you provide a first-class customer service.


Security: Parcels arrive safe
To ensure that your goods reach the recipient in shape, security management standards, such as modern alarm systems, video surveillance and control of each process step are implemented.


Reliability: Parcels arrive on time
Our focus is to provide reliable services to you by ensuring you receive parcels in a timely manner. And we work extremely hard to deliver this promise - each day.


For our customers, receiving the required information on the status of the parcel easily and in time is as important as the physical transport of the shipments itself.


You can count on a service offering responsive to your needs, from a common range of group-wide standardised parcel and express products throughout North America.

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